Sila Lott

How Did You Join the ISLT Program at FSU?

I joined the ISLT program in 2018 as a Master’s student, thanks to Librarian Jeff Phillips. I am now a 2nd year doctoral student expecting to graduate in 2024-2025.


I am an experienced Faculty at Tallahassee Community College with a demonstrated history of working in higher education. I am skilled in Information Literacy instruction, an Instructor of LIS2004 and CTS1230C. I offer liaison and student services through embedded librarianship and reference and virtual services. I am an information professional with a master’s degree focused on Library & Information Studies & Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies (ISLT). I also have Professional Certification in Reference Services and Online Instructional Development.

Research Interests

My research interests include media and information literacy, online learning, fake news, source evaluation, and generational studies


I am actively working on four projects. 1) A systematic literature review of 21st century literacies with Dr. Dennen and Jack Folwell (a UROP student), 2) Research for my college (TCC) in our information literacy program, 3) A study with my ISLT peers Jenn and Catherine in Undergraduate News Consumption behavior. We gathered survey data and will conduct interview and present at AECT. 4) I am concluding research on a study I did at my college with English Instructor Nicolette Costantino and Director of the Library Stephen Banister in the difference in student performance across modalities. We presented at last year’s AECT conference as a poster, and desire to move to publication. I highlighted the 4 that are ongoing below.

Dennen, V.; Lott, S.; Folwell, J. (Ongoing)Systematic Analysis of 21st Century Literacies.

Topic: This study focuses on a systematic review of the literature as it relates to existing 21st century literacies: media literacy, digital literacy, social media literacy, news literacy, information literacy, etc. Emerging themes, findings, and existing relationships between the literacies will be discussed.

Lott, S.; Elton, T.; Bailey, J. (Ongoing). Improving Embedded Library Services.

Topic: This study considers data, limitations, strategy, and campus partners around the Tallahassee Community College information literacy program. A historical 6-year data analysis of instructional data for the program was conducted and limitations discussed. This study will propose a strategic plan and campus partnerships in future phases of research.

Lott, S.; Costantino, N.; Banister, S. (2021, November – Ongoing). Asynchronous vs. Synchronous vs. Mixed-Mode Learning Experiences: Evaluation of Student Learning Across Modes. Poster Presentation at Association for Educational Communications & Technology, Chicago, IL.

Topic: This study focuses on comparing student performance, success data, and Faculty/student reported learning experiences in information literacy instruction across three different English II sections taught in a different modality: asynchronous (online only) vs. synchronous (Zoom lecture) vs. flipped classroom. Results are compared.

Lott, S.; Stoutjesdyk, J.; Cosgrove, C. (Ongoing – 2022, October). Undergraduate News Consumption in the Digital Era. Presentation at the AECT Conference, Las Vegas, NV. 

Topic: This study looks at how college undergraduate students consume news and how they assess news for accuracy. It has implications for how these skills are taught in schools and the ability to transfer academic information skills to everyday encounters with information. 


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