Our research group has several project teams. Learn more about some of them below.

Webcams and Synchronous Learning

Vanessa Dennen / Yasin Yalcin / Jaesung Hur / Shiyao Wei / Bruce Screws / Kari Word / Ömer Arslan

We’ve all been zooming a lot in the last few years, right? This project examines how people perceive each other in synchronous environments, particularly when webcams are involved.


Hajeen Choi / Dan He / Ömer Arslan / Vanessa Dennen

There’s that saying that on the internet no one knows that you’re a dog, implying that identity doesn’t matter. However, identity influences how we feel about ourselves and interact with others, online and off. This group looks at the phenomenon of identity and “othering” in online learning spaces.

Networked Knowledge Activities

Vanessa Dennen / Dan He / Dawn Adolfson

What do we do when we’re online? In this project we break down people’s social media actions using a framework that can be used alternately to guide instructional design or research.

Invisible Participation

Hajeen Choi / Jaesung Hur

This project investigates the role of passive participation (aka lurking or invisible participation) in online spaces.

Microlearning via Challenges and Badges

Vanessa Dennen / Jiyae Bong / Ömer Arslan

This project investigates how students perceive and engage in microlearning opportunities designed to enhance their skill development in formal classes.