Hajeen Choi

How Did You Join the ISLT Program at FSU?

When I studied Educational Technology in Korea, most professors were from either Florida State University or Indiana University. Naturally, two schools were on my list when I considered pursuing my PhD. I chose a warmer place because my son wanted to play baseball. Although I chose FSU, I felt like I was studying in both FSU and IU because my advisor got her PhD degree from Indiana University.


Hello, my name is Hajeen Choi. I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at Bowling Green State University. I earned my PhD degree from ISLT at FSU in Summer 2022. I am originally from Seoul, South Korea. I studied Educational Technology for my B.A and M.A at Ewha Womans University in Korea. I also studied MBA at Duke University. I worked for about 15 years at a portal company, IT consulting firm, business management consulting firm, and an English education company before pursuing PhD. On a personal note, I enjoy playing the piano and the violin during my free time. I’m learning tennis and want to learn drawing someday.

Research Interests

My research includes online course design by understanding learner motivation and engagement in online learning, instructional systems design by incorporating emerging technologies such as social media in education, and PLN and networked learning in online communities. Earlier for my masters’ thesis, I studied how students’ academic self-efficacy and self-regulated learning strategies related to their academic performance in a web-based class. For my dissertation, I studied how course context such as course design, instructor facilitation, and community could support students’ basic psychological needs and shape their situational motivation to participate in asynchronous online discussions actively and passively.


Please find her academic achievements in Google Scholar.

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