Jaesung Hur

How Did You Join the ISLT Program at FSU?

The support and assistance from the ISLT community have affected my decision to pursue a Ph.D. after achieving an M.S. degree in the same program. The ISLT community is so supportive and encouraging. The cohorts are willing to collaborate and help each other, offering constructive feedback and sharing useful resources. I have experienced and heard many cases where students are under pressure from competitions, which is the opposite of what I have experienced in the ISLT at FSU.

In addition, the faculties always respect their students’ individual research interests and perspectives. Instead of hammering their research or writing styles into students, they give opportunities and advise students to become independent researchers.

Certainly, it is a reputable program with notable faculties and alumni. I was able to build valuable networks, which is a great asset, especially for an international who landed in the U.S. all by myself.


I studied Educational Technology and worked as an instructional designer at a company in Korea. I developed instructional materials for K-12 students and teachers’ guidebooks. During my internships in the US, I created e-learning modules and reviewed the online course based on Quality Matters. I love instructional design and my teaching assistant jobs since I can assist instructors and learners with attractive deliverables while expressing my creativity and professionalism.

In my spare time, I like painting, watching movies, and playing badminton.  

Research Interests

I am interested in instructors’ and learners’ engagement in online teaching and learning in higher education. Learners’ motivation and participation are essential to learning experience and outcomes. Given that online courses should be carefully and systematically designed to provide an optimal learning experience, I wanted to investigate instructional strategies and interventions to boost student engagement.


I am involved in the survey research project to identify course factors that affect a feeling of othered. It is an important topic to increase awareness and support online students in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am also working on a project to explore online instructors’ perceptions of learners’ participation and learner-centeredness. Other interesting ongoing projects are scoping review on lurking behavior in online courses, an analysis of behavioral patterns of distance learners in open universities, a systematic literature review on graduate teaching assistants, studies on webcam usages, college students’ social media use and emotion, instructional designers’ perception and experiences in learning analytics. I also plan to examine students’ minimal participation, TAs’ self-efficacy, online memes, and students’ motivation and emotions using epistemic network analysis (ENA).


The updated e-portfolio will be posted soon!  

Social Media

Twitter: @jaesssung

LinkedIn: Jaesung Hur


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